L'Oreal X-Tenso Hair Straightening

The Technology

X-Tenso Moisturist uses new technology for increased conditioning and smoothing. Not only does it contain softening waxes, but it also works with the new intelligent NUTRI-CATOIONIC TECHNOLOGY. X-Tenso Moisturist boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair.

X-Tenso Moisturist is designed to give a ‘natural looking’ finish. You can choose how smooth you want to go depending on the finish result you desire:

Brazilian Straight (very smooth)

Slight wave (retain some volume)

Relaxed look (de-volume)

The Service

Do you have rebellious, curly or frizzy hair and long for a straighter look with natural movement?

Your hairdresser can use X-Tenso Moisturist to create a straighter smooth ‘natural looking’ finish.

Service Time: 3 hrs and up

The Result of X-Tenso Hair Straightening


    • Volume control
    • Tamed frizz
    • Easier to blow-dry

Silkier and Shinier

    • Volume control
    • Tamed frizz
    • Easier to blow-dry


Depending on your hair type, the results will last for up to 8 weeks.

Before you repeat the service you must have approximately 4cm of fresh regrowth, which will take approximately 3 months.

As your hair grows , your roots will be slightly wavy depending on the strength of your natural curl regrowth. As
soon as you have approximately 4cm of regrowth you can have a repeat service on your roots to maintain your smooth look.
How can I maintain my smooth hair?

Use the recommended Homecare products from the serie expert liss ultime range and styling products from techni.art and texture expert ranges to maintain your smooth and straight luscious locks.

You will be able to dramatically cut your styling routine as your hair will already be smoother, straighter and easier to manage.

X-Tenso Moisturist contains ner NUTRI-CATIONIC Technology to target weakened areas of the hair with conditioning agents, which adds shine and condition to your hair.

The effects of the service will remain in the hair until it grows out.

You can have a color service on the same day as an X-Tenso Moisturist service, but only using the following L’Oreal Professionnel colour products – Diacolor Gelee and Richesse de Diacolor.

Your hairdresser will assess the amount of evenly distributed highlights in your hair. If you have less than 30% evenly distributed highlights you can have the X-Tenso Moisturist service.

Yes. You can still use your straightening irons at home but you will not need to use them for as long as you did before, as your hair will already be smoother, straighter and more manageable.

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